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East Massage II is a large massage parlor in the relatively upscale Boeung Keng Kang section of Phnom Penh. Unlike the many smaller massage parlors around East Massage II chat is a large place with a multinational staff that serves a customer base made up mostly of well off locals and other Asian businessmen.

Although East Massage II has been around much longer, it is not much different from the previously reviewed Lucky Eight Massage. This sort of model may not be as popular as it was even a few years ago. Yet places like East Massage II continue to abound.

Location and layout

East Massage II operates in a conspicuous location on Street 57. It has a large sign outside displaying the name of the shop in English, Chinese and Khmer. The place takes up the entirety of a large white villa. The villa is surrounded by a courtyard with a tile floor that is as slippery as ice when it rains.

East Massage II Phnom PenhEast Massage II Phnom Penh

When customers enter the large wood filled lobby they are greeted by a staff of young adults who are able to speak a surprisingly large number of languages. These staff members book sessions. A wide variety of options are available but to put things into perspective a one hour oil massage with high quality oils performed by a Chinese woman costs around $14 USD.


When customers book a massage they are asked if they would like a Cambodian or Chinese masseuse. The Chinese masseuses charge more money than the local ladies. They also perform their massages in different ways.

The Cambodian women tend to be in their twenties. They are fit and generally attractive. Most can speak enough English to get through sessions with Western customers.

The women from China tend to be in their thirties and of average looks and size. None of them seem to speak either English or Khmer. They have a reputation for giving harder massages which is why they are favored by those who like a serious rub down.


All of the women at East II wear uniforms consisting of polo shirts and pants. There is nothing revealing or sexy about the clothes they wear. Similarly there is nothing sexy about the professional massages done at East II either even if one might see a massage complex surrounded by high walls and gates and think otherwise.

Services and prices

The rooms at East II are converted from the original villa layout. The rooms are mostly private and somewhat clean. The better oil massage rooms have their own bathrooms and showers though they are often filled with customers. The doors on all the rooms have glass windows so that those outside can see what is going on in the rooms.

Clearly there is no policy in place at East Massage II for staff members to perform happy endings on customers. Indeed if there is an official policy at all it seems it would be to forbid the women on staff from doing happy endings. Still such activities do occur from time to time though apparently usually with repeat customers who develop a rapport with specific masseuses.

When happy endings are performed they are done discreetly and quickly. There couldn’t be a set price for such an unofficial and off the menu service but customers have been known to give twenty or even thirty dollars to women who give them a hand.

For standard services which is nothing more than a massage usually performed quite well payment is rendered after the session at the front desk. Cash in multiple currencies is accepted by the people working the front desk. One star.